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Principal Fury, of Avengers Academy, sent a letter to a bunch of teenagers he judged exceptional to be part of his educational program, which will teach them the way of the Avengers to protect this vulnerable earth and it's habitants.
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Principal Fury

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PostSubject: ACADEMY'S RULES - ALL NEW MEMBERS MUST READ.    Mon 24 Sep - 4:06


Avengers Academy is an educational institution protected by S.H.E.I.L.D. under my orders. Teenagers are selected to study here, because they are judged exceptional. They have to have special abilities that make them extraordinary. The institute was created to form future heroes to protect the earth. The final goal when students graduate is to form a team of heroes called “the Avengers”. Only those with the best potential will be chosen. Study and practice hard.

Even though you can only be selected by me to get it, the character sheet model you have to follow is a mandatory test that each future student has to take to be eligible for the admission. The school needs all of your information before you can get in. Do not lie. We will easily find out.

Use your name. Your superhero name will come in later through the school years. Don’t think of it now.

School card (avatar) & dress code
It is required to see your face on your school card. No masks (there might be exceptions, but it has to be approved). You are also required to dress formally. This is a serious institute, not a dance club. If a supervisor asks you your student card, it is your duty to give it to him.

Since this is a very important establishment, supervisors (S.H.I.E.L.D. agents) are everywhere to maintain order in the Academy. They have the right to put you to detention, suspend you and, with my agreement, to expel any students for a reason they judge unacceptable whether it is sexually contended or simply that you are intentionally attacking another student/teacher/supervisor.

Vacations & Injuries
If you must go on a vacation and you can't attend school for a predetermined period of time, please advise me or you’d be expelled (your account could be closed). Same if you are badly injured in an accident or else: please advice the institute that you won't be able to attend your classes because of it.

Pets are strictly forbidden on the institute ground, unless they are part of your special ability.

Recreation room (Chatbox)
When you enter the chatbox, there will probably be some other students that are already present to relax after a long day of classes so respect others. (You also always have to stay in character at all time. OOC (out of character) chat is done in parentheses, but too much is unacceptable.)

OCs [own-characters]
OCs are NOT accepted. But you can use existing Marvel characters (heroes and even villains) but it has to be approved. Try to chose a character that has been in the Avengers somewhere in the comics, but it’s ok if not. It just has to be Marvel.

Respect the forum’s rules.
Racism, sexism and other discriminations, racial or religious intolerance are allowed as long as it concerns the characters and not the roleplayers. Hentai, Yaoi and Yuri are tolerated on the forum.

It is required to post a minimum of once a month. The chatbox does not count as a post. Posts will be verified each month. Inactivity for a month will result in receiving a reminder. If no rp are posted at all, the character will be disactivated and resetted as open. Same goes for the chatbox. In case of absences, it is convinient to prevent in the appropriate thread, in order that the character does not get removed.

The writing
Do not use texting kind of writing, watch out for syntax and spelling. Please avoid “hard-to-read” posts (rainbow writing, big texts with no paragraphs, light yellow on white, etc). Music, images, Gifs and icones are aloud, unless it becomes abusif.

It is possible to create another character, but only two maximum. The second account cannot be a character linked to the first. The other character is expected to the same amount of activity (1 post per month minimum). We don't want you giving up your first character unless you tell us that you wish to unactivate your first account for the other if you do not wish to keep going with this one.

Illness and injuries
Characters are not impossible to beat. Even if some are very powerful, all of them have weaknesses. They can also get sick or injure themselves. Though, it is asked a certain logic. If your character is sent to the hospital and gets an operation, he will not come back the day after in top shape. And a serious injury or illness takes time to heal.

The chatbox represents the common room. It is for RP. Everything that happens in it is intergrated in the general RP.

Warning! As long as you are listed as online, it means that your character is present in the room. It means that:

- when you connected yourself on the chatbox, it means that the character enters the room.
- If your character exits the room, you need to put yourself offline of the chatbox.

All the rules related to the forum applies on the chatbox (realism). It is demanded to limit the OOC (out of character), and banned completely during rush hours. Also, archives exist to inform the roleplayer, not the character.

Note :

The common room is a place dedicated to relaxation and respect. There, we can entertain ourselves. But we would like to precise that sexual content is not accepted in the chatbox therefore we ask of you to keep all sex scenes within the dorms.

Note II: Have a great time studying among us, future superheroes .We are honored to teach you the way of the Avengers initiative.

-Signed Principal Fury-
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