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Principal Fury, of Avengers Academy, sent a letter to a bunch of teenagers he judged exceptional to be part of his educational program, which will teach them the way of the Avengers to protect this vulnerable earth and it's habitants.
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 Suck it Wolverine! Oh, there's your paper, sir.

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Wade Wilson


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PostSubject: Suck it Wolverine! Oh, there's your paper, sir.   Wed 26 Sep - 21:22

Name : WILSON Wade

Nicknames : Deadpool, the Merc with a mouth, [Ryan Renolds]

Age : 18.

Sex : All male. [Even with the pink panties?] C'mon this was one time. [One time you get caught] It's was laundry day guys!

Sexual Orientation : As long as you don't mind some scars and be gentle with me~

Origins : [CANADA! Haha, just kidding.] [Wolverine is going to be pissed] Don't care, it's funny when he is.

Abilities : Shhh.. My common sense is tingling... Nah! Just kidding. Well, I'm good with Pew pew guns! Love those kinds of guns. [Hey, don't forget us smart ass] [He can't forget himself, oh wait, yeah, he can] Oh, and I have those two voices in my head, those are white and yellow boxes. Oh, and I'm good with swords too! My swords are my precious babies. [And don't forget the healing factor part] Damn, you destroy the surprise for the audience! Well, like you just read, I have an healing factor, that leave me with a lot of scars on all the body, you know how much I love my mask? I look so bad ass with it. [so if you find him annoying well he can't die] [Even if he tried a lot of times] shut up you two. I also know martial art and stuff like reflexes I guess and flexibility. [This is boring, I'm out of here] [Is there going to be chimichangas after this text?] Did I talk about maid costumes? Those fit pretty great on me if you didn't know. [No one is intereted] [Well excepted for the one who reads the comics and understand the referances] [Shut up]

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Bad ass doesn't it?

Anterior life : Aaawwh that part suck. [Can we ignore it and write something about tacos?] Mmmh, I love tacos. [Distraction] Ah, yeah sorry. Well I'm going to skip everything to the part after I was a mercenary and stuff. I got a cancer, [Well, that escalade quickly] so they send me to Canada to get healed (something called Weapon-X), yeah, looked like a volunteer to be some weird experiment in fact, and well I got an healing factor, but it still fight with the cancer so now I have this weird skin under my awesome Deadpool mask! [Not like this weird movie when we got are mouth shut]

Motivations : Let me guess, « Why are you here Deapool? You're never gonna be an avengers, you're not even going to be a X-men or something », well you guys know what? Captain America is aweesooomme! And I heard is was going to be here so I can't let that pass. Plus I can be an Avengers, I'm awesome too! (Be awesome by three easy steps : Block, nut-kick, decapitate!) [Just kidding] [Well, I'm pretty sure he is serious] Oh, and if you want a real motivation, well, I want to be a good guys, must feel good to actually have people who like you.

Hey, did you guys know there's going to be a video game of me?! You can check on my twitter acount, oh and my site too! (Call me~ And then we could start the Deadpool society)


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Suck it Wolverine! Oh, there's your paper, sir.
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