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Principal Fury, of Avengers Academy, sent a letter to a bunch of teenagers he judged exceptional to be part of his educational program, which will teach them the way of the Avengers to protect this vulnerable earth and it's habitants.
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 Hey! Wait a sec- Hey No this isn't fair I want to change my name! Please Sir!

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PostSubject: Hey! Wait a sec- Hey No this isn't fair I want to change my name! Please Sir!    Sat 29 Sep - 4:32

Name: Why the emphasis on LAST name?..PARKER, is that okay? Peter.

Nicknames: The Human Spider sounds pretttttttty good to me.

Age: 15

Sex: I think I'm a boy, let me check!...Yup definitely a boy!

Sexual Orientation: Uh true love? No? Or maybe anything in a leather suit? GOTTA LOVE LEATHER SUITS.

Origins: Warm-Blooded fellow American from Forest hills. You know the land of obesity and hero obsession? Yup nothing better than true American Hot-dogs and a couple a folks in skin tight suits. Yup. That's a America. The more I talk the more I realize my country is desperate.

Abilities: My out-standing sense of humor and my rugged handsomeness. I mean you'd be a fool to say otherwise once you see me in the suit! So yeah anyways back on the what makes me awesome and you not. So I have a bunch of neat tricks right up my sleeve -literally-. Just being able to climb and crawl up walls, stick to any surfaces, having a sixth spider-sense that forewarns me of impeding danger, incredible flexibility and acrobatic feats. Also, shooting tension and weight-supporting webs that also stick to any surfaces, super equilibrium, I can achieve a state of equilibrium in almost any position possible and adjust my position on instinct. And of course the usual "super's": strength, agility, durability, reflexes, stamina, speed. The next one's are more of a bonus than anything else but here goes; regenerative healing factor, I'm no Jesus -I can't revive- and I'm not into the whole zombie mumbo-jumbo, let's just say it takes a lot less time for me to get over my boo-boo's. This last one is kind of neat I've got foreign chemical resistance -don't ask me how I found out- due to my accelerated metabolism I have a higher tolerance for drugs and diseases than normal humans. So yeah, you know normal typical teenage stuff.

Anterior life: The past is...something hard for me to accept because I...I let the people close to me die. I couldn't stop him, I couldn't save him. I know I'm at fault and I know the consequences of my action were horrid, I can't expect anyone to forgive me because I honestly can't forgive myself. I wasn't responsible and I let the power get to my head. But now I know that with great power comes great responsibility, I'm just sad it took a precious life for me to realize that.

Motivations: I want to save people and use this power responsibly. I want to avoid making the same mistakes. I want to use the "gift" or "curse" whatever you want to call it, bestowed on me to protect those I care the most about and those who need it. So really why I should be part of this initiative ISN'T because I will have any personal gain. On the contrary I'll probably get hurt a lot and loose but what matters is that I WILL get back up again. Time after time until my dying breathe I will protect what matters. What's so special about me or any other hero? That's simple. We'd sacrifice our lives for any trace of happiness it can redeem.
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Hey! Wait a sec- Hey No this isn't fair I want to change my name! Please Sir!
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