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Principal Fury, of Avengers Academy, sent a letter to a bunch of teenagers he judged exceptional to be part of his educational program, which will teach them the way of the Avengers to protect this vulnerable earth and it's habitants.
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 People are strange when you're a stranger

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Stephen Strange


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PostSubject: People are strange when you're a stranger   Sat 29 Sep - 16:13

It felt weird, to detach oneself, at least partially, from the mystical world for a while. During the flight that had brought him to the academy, Strange had found himself missing the comfort of his library, the soft texture of ancient books and the smell left by incense after an incantation. He had wondered if he would be able to get a proper talk with the spirits that inhabited the area, making sure he wasn't crossing anyone's boundaries here. SHIELD didn't seem like the kind of organisation that took considerations in the well-being of supernatural entities when they established themselves somewhere.

He hadn't made a lot of research but he was pretty sure he was to be the only wizard in the area. Director Fury was a practical man, setting his school in a practical location, next to a small, ordinary town. Strange hadn't felt a lot of spirit activities there, a few unquiet souls he might have to take care of in the near future. The omens had persuaded him to come, and yet being here felt wrong. Philosophy and ethics, really ? Was it really only what Fury wanted him to teach ? Having pupils was something he had done in the past, but the following consequences had been... Disputable.

He hadn't brought much with him, leaving his luggage in the room they had assigned him with, waiting until twilight to set up a magical shrine to try to contact to the Vishanti and inform them of his current situation. He needed the shaddow of an old three and silence, something the park of the presently more or less empty park of the academy could offer him. He sat, cross-legged, directly on the ground. He closed his eyes slowly, his senses getting number and number as he entered the trance, whispering druidic chants as he did. He needed to analyse the sources of magic in the area and the potential of his future students. The mystical eyes he thus opened transcended colour and shape, showing him the true image of the physical and spiritual world.

But, to an exterior eye, he really only looked like a crazy man with a strange beard levitating while he whispered crazy-talk to himself.
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People are strange when you're a stranger
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