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Principal Fury, of Avengers Academy, sent a letter to a bunch of teenagers he judged exceptional to be part of his educational program, which will teach them the way of the Avengers to protect this vulnerable earth and it's habitants.
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 The Rumor Box!

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Principal Fury

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PostSubject: The Rumor Box!   Wed 3 Oct - 1:48

Hello everyone! Maria Hill here!

As you might know, a high school is an ideal breeding ground for lovely rumours. Since we hope to create a future-hero school as close to a normal school as possible, rumours will be needed! As such, I have volunteered to Principal Fury to be in charge of contacting all of you with the wonderful rumours you have sent me!

For this reason, I would love if all of you sent me some scandalous information you have acquired, concerning either pranks, romance, friendships, or anything that comes to mind! These rumours do not need to have any basis in truth, after all, rumours are what bond people, making you confront eachother, and then making up, tightening the bonds of friendship and love (and maybe cultivating a healthy rivalery).
I will be posting here all the rumours you have sent me. So please, feed the rumour mill and it will reward you with untold entertainment~.

Maria Hill, signing out~
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The Rumor Box!
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