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Principal Fury, of Avengers Academy, sent a letter to a bunch of teenagers he judged exceptional to be part of his educational program, which will teach them the way of the Avengers to protect this vulnerable earth and it's habitants.
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 I hath come in peace, Cousin.

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Odin Allfather


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PostSubject: I hath come in peace, Cousin.   Sat 6 Oct - 4:35


Nicknames: King of Sassgard Asgard, Your Majesty, Old Man and Fool

Age: 'Twas more centuries that I care to tell since the day I came to life. Mortals might have problem telling just how many years I have so far lived.

Sex: I shall be, and always have been, a gentleman.

Sexual Orientation: I stay faithfull to me most gracious lady, me sweetin Frigga. Hath she given me jolity for more centuries that I can tell.

Origins: I, Odin Borrson, was born by the giantess Bestla and the asgardian Bor.

Abilities: Parenting SKILLZ. Cometh with the burden of power numerous powers, the mastery of Allfather power. I doth posess also magical artifacts helping me to maintain at peace the Nine Realms, most notably the Gungnir Spear, me trusty battle companion, and the destrier Sleipnir, who runeth through the darkmans of the cosmic bridges and between the realms.

Anterior life: Me mother were a giantess and me father the sovereign o' Asgard, one o' the greatest the Nine Realms have ever castled. He did bett the wicked king of Vanaheim during the war, and I were with him when our armies nebed the capital o' the Vanir.

Alas ! Anon, a couple o' years after he leadeth Asgard to victory, me father died and the burden o' the crown did fall to me. Nay, can I say all me choices did do good for the realm, and I wish I did evitate the war with Jotunheim. Little did I know as a young, unconfirmed king, and King Laufey did greed for more power o'er the Nine Realms, forcing me hand.

What happened yonder in Jotunheim be not mentioned hither. 'Tis a vulgar story in Asgard, told to every child, how the spotted Lord o' Jotunheim did glutton for more lands under his thumb, and how did the ramping warriors o' Asgard flowed into the reechy city o' the Frost Giants.

Life hath oft fancied making me fight for me happiness, but she did reward me with three fair sons, Balder, Thor and Loki. They shall, when time comes, succeed to me like I did to me father.

Motivations: I'm keeping an eye on my sons because I don't want them to try to kill Balder once again and trigger the end of the world. Nay, I have not come hither and parted from Asgard simply to watch over me sons. I did recieve an missive in Asgard. The maiden resquested, on the behalf o' Lord Fury, me presence to Midgard. Naught more hath been said to me, nevertheless I did came. I shall betimes find why.
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I hath come in peace, Cousin.
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