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Principal Fury, of Avengers Academy, sent a letter to a bunch of teenagers he judged exceptional to be part of his educational program, which will teach them the way of the Avengers to protect this vulnerable earth and it's habitants.
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 Steven Rogers, reporting for duty, Sir!

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Steven Rogers


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PostSubject: Steven Rogers, reporting for duty, Sir!   Tue 25 Sep - 2:32

Name: Rogers, Steven (Steve)

Nicknames: D-Don't say anything, but I've settled with "Captain America"!

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Sexual Orientation: I-Is this really required? ... Well, if it's the rules... I-I am willing to love anyone that will love me...

Origins: Lower East side of Manhattan, New York City, United States of America.

Abilities: I'm very strong, fast, agile, and am at ease with a shield as my weapon, for defense as well as offense. I'm also a very human person, so I am willing to help anyone that needs me. I'm very tolerant to physical pain, recover quickly, and am unable to get drunk no matter how hard I try. Long story.

Anterior life: My parents were immigrants, so naturally, they weren't the best off. They both died by the time I was a teenager. I went to school and majored in illustration, but that was before I got interested with the army and got an offer to be a part of an experiment. I used to be a really scrawny kid before the experiment. Nobody ever wanted me around, though I tried to apply for the army a whole lot of times. I always wanted to be someone people would look up to, so I accepted when a scientist suggested I go through a procedure that would amplify what I already had. Thus, I passed from being a tiny, frail kid to a strong, determined man.

I've gone around saving cats from trees and helping old ladies cross the street, but also catching crooks and promoting social justice. I've also lost my best friend, Bucky Barnes, in an accident, but... it's alright. It has just motivated me to become stronger, if only in his memory.

Motivations: I want to train and get stronger! I want to help people who need help, because I know what it's like not to be appreciated. I know what it's like never being enough, and being too weak for society to consider. I want to help the people that feel that way, because nobody should ever have to go through something like that. This school is definitely going to teach me how to become the ultimate superhero, the greatest avenger of tortured souls and the loudest activist for the ones with no voice. I just want to help. So would you consider helping me in return?

((I actually don't understand what this AU is, or if it is an AU at, or an AT, and I am just so. confused. Omg. Please tell me if there is something incoherent in my app, thanks~))
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Steven Rogers, reporting for duty, Sir!
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