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Principal Fury, of Avengers Academy, sent a letter to a bunch of teenagers he judged exceptional to be part of his educational program, which will teach them the way of the Avengers to protect this vulnerable earth and it's habitants.
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 A Frost Giant's anatomy

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Reed Richards


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PostSubject: A Frost Giant's anatomy   Wed 31 Oct - 2:48

Reed had been working on an experiment to prove that his theories on alternate Earths was a viable hypothesis. After all, if aliens (or inhabitants of a different realm.... Whichever you wished to use to define Loki and his brother’s origins) existed, it would not be a stretch of the imagination to hypothesize the possibility of different realms in which, maybe he and his friends had never obtained their powers. Or maybe a realm in which they had been older and had truly went to space to gain their powers. Only the idea was mind-boggling, and Reed would love to see if the theory yielded any positive results. And as a scientist, the proof that one way of trying was wrong did not disprove the overall nonexistence of these other realities.

No matter, he had reach a standstill, not completely certain what he should use to power his new machine. Because yes, for Reed, a way to find out if other realities existed was to simply build a machine that would work as a bridge between parallel universes. And so, he was now stuck without a way to power the machine for now. After all, the energy source had to be completely Inside the machine, protecting it from outside surges. So for now, Reed simply decided to put the machine on hold, like all his other experiments in which he was somewhat stuck, while waiting for ideas to come to mind.

As he was putting a tarp on the machine, Reed’s mind wandered to his new.... Friend? Could he be called that? He was not an enemy at least. So, his mind wandered to his new friend, Loki. The younger (was he really? Or did his physiology affect his cellular growth?) student had been wounded in the showers but had assured Reed that his magic (obviously his kind’s cellular structure worked in a different way, seeing as there was only science, and people too primitive to understand its workings. There was no such thing as magic) would heal him completely. At that time, the frost giant had tried to make him believe his words, but Reed, used to experimenting with atoms as well as with astrophysical theories, noticed a minute fur rowing of his brows, as if he was somewhat doubting his own words.

Reed left his lab (no no, not his, THE lab... S.H.I.E.L.D. would not be happy to hear him talk about their installations as his own...) and went to the infirmary, the place most likely to hold the instruments he would need to examine Loki’s anatomy, physiology, cellular workings and his DNA. Oh, but everything would be covered in non-invasive procedures. He did not want to perform surgery on his friend, in a school. So, reaching the infirmary, Reed curtained off an area, preparing a tray with the Tools he would most likely need. He then turned around, smiling, and said : " You can sit on the bed, and please roll... Oh... "

Yes, that happened to him sometimes, getting to wrapped up in what he was doing that he forgot that people were not simply part of his experiments, that they would not simply appear if he needed them someplace. Well... Susan was sometimes like that..... And to a lesser extent Johnny and Ben.... But still.... He would have to look for Loki to ask him to come here....

Not wanting to walk all over the school looking for the Asgardian, Reed sat down on a chair, facing the door, and simply extended his torso, going towards the cafeteria. Those powers had turned out useful for much more than simply fighting crime. Reaching the cafeteria, he tried to hold back a smile, seeing as his hypothesis of finding the green eyed student here had proven correct. He reached forward and grabbed the other’s wrist, smiling a little.

"Hello, I was wondering if you would mind following me, I have something that might interest you!"

Not even waiting for an answer, Reed started retracting his torso, not letting go of Loki’s wrist, certain the other would comply to his request.

(about the machine Reed built : in Fantastic Four : World’s greatest superheroes, he built a timetravel machine just because he could)
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Loki Laufeyson


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PostSubject: Re: A Frost Giant's anatomy   Sat 3 Nov - 1:46

Living on Midgard seemed to be something Loki would never become accustomed to. He had only been there for a few days and he had already made more enemies than friends… if he dared to admit that Tony and Reed were his… friends. The young god had always had a way with words, but he never actually thought about using his skills to get some friends. Lord, there mere thought of having to befriend Midgardian seemed repulsive enough. He was only addressing them; well some of them, to make sure he would not have to face his nemesis alone if he needed some back up.

In fact, the more he thought about it, the more his time alone seemed precious and delightful. The simple action of reading a booking had become miraculous to achieve in this environment where students could come from anywhere and interrupt him. One of them being Reed, that somewhat attractive yet quite scientifically obsessive student who kept talking to Loki like he undoubtedly believed that they could become the best friends ever.

Now sitting in his usual place in the cafeteria, doing his best to ignore the ramblings of other students he did not care about, Loki had some time to think about what had happened during the last days. Concentrating on his book ended up being impossible for the god since he had so much on his mind. He was about to get up and leave to go swim a little and relax when he remarked that Reed had entered the room, well, a part of him did…

“Wait! I never agreed to follow you!” protested Loki to no avail since he did nothing to stop the other from leading him to wherever the lower half of his body was. The view was actually disturbing, yet, Loki’s curiosity had the best of him. The raven haired god did not understand why Reed would not let go his wrist, but did not complained as he was too busy grinning while looking at the other students’ reactions to Reed’s elastic body blocking their way in the corridor.

As soon as Loki had entered the room, he regretted not having asked for their destination first. A tray full of instrument used to, Loki assumed, torture people was awaiting him next to a strange looking chair on which Loki would be persecuted.

“What is this!? What do you have in mind! Speak out now for I will not stay here any longer if you keep anything from me! Were you planning to dissect me!?” complained the god as he held a scalpel to examine it with horror.
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A Frost Giant's anatomy
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