.:.Avengers Academy.:.

Principal Fury, of Avengers Academy, sent a letter to a bunch of teenagers he judged exceptional to be part of his educational program, which will teach them the way of the Avengers to protect this vulnerable earth and it's habitants.
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 Finding one's way.

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PostSubject: Finding one's way.   Sat 3 Nov - 5:34

Peter had realized that despite all his exploring he had failed to actually attend to the place which needed his presence on the most part and that was his very own room. Now it wasn’t that he failed to attend his duties or anything…he was just, uh, forgetful. “Yes forgetful is a …nicer way to put it. Yup I’m definitely going with that.” So upon coming across his errors the young man decided to venture toward his room, by ways of shuffling through hallways as he was still generally unaware of his surroundings though he could make out a few similar rooms here and there. Finally coming upon an elongated hallway, truly pristine in its cleanliness and orderly setting, the brunette looked around at the several doors each labelled with a simple intricately designed word. Here was where Peter was actually certain for once of his information regarding this school. He knew that he belonged in a room labelled “Studious”, “In other words, just a classier word for geeks.”

The hazel-eyed man found the door easily enough and upon entering the room, had the breath knocked out of him. “This place is huge! My whole apartment could fit in this room. Man this place is fit for the elite and I hardly qualify myself as one.” Walking into the room Peter seemed to talk everything in, in barely contained excitement and wonderment. Thoughts running a mile-a-minute the only thing he could do was take slow steps and admire that which was laid out before him. He was clearly unused to getting so much “Luxury isn’t exactly what I got back in Forest Hills, but isn’t this a bit too much? I feel so undeserving of well…everything!”

From the corner of his eye, Peter located the beds and upon this discovery rushed in a flurry towards them and randomly plopped down on which ever he was nearest to. He buried his face in a pillow, completely overwhelmed by the sudden change of events and new environment.
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Finding one's way.
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