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Principal Fury, of Avengers Academy, sent a letter to a bunch of teenagers he judged exceptional to be part of his educational program, which will teach them the way of the Avengers to protect this vulnerable earth and it's habitants.
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  FLAME ON! oups didn't meant to burn that paper, sir!

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Johnny Storm


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PostSubject: FLAME ON! oups didn't meant to burn that paper, sir!   Tue 25 Sep - 4:15

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    STORM, Johnny
    Complete Name: Jonathan « Johnny » Lowell Spencer Storm, but that’s top secret!!!

    Human Torch! Or Sexy, or Handsome, or the-most-amazing-and-awesome-guy-of-the-word! You can choose baby; P

    Sweet sixteen!

    Oh yeah! Every night with you Babe!

    Sexual Orientation:
    Sex Bomb! Like I always say: the curvier the better~

    Glenville, Long Island (New York, Etats-Unis)


FLAME ON! I can burn anything you want! Your breakfast or an evil guy! All my body can flame on… or like Reed said: be covered with super-duper hot plasma! Ok he doesn’t say it like that, but anyway it doesn’t hurt me! My body can go to 500 °C! Yeah I’m pretty hot, in both ways! : P When I’m on fire, I can fly (I can break the sound barrier! ), shoot fire (temperature: 2500 °C ), oh and create forms too! I’m that awesome! And I don’t need my body to be in flame to control fire! I can control all the fire I want in a 25m wide circle. Well there’s a lot of thing I can do in fact: absorb fire and plasma! Like a nuclear explosion! (Never tried that one, but I’m sure it would be pretty hot~) or puts out fire, not bad mh?! And finally, but the most awesome one: the Nova Blast! That’s my strongest attack! 550 000 °C of pure hotness!

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Anterior life:

Born in New York, I have an older sister: Susan Storm (she’s an over protective bitch… but I love her). My mom, Mary Storm died when I was 9, in a car accident… strangely, that didn’t stop me from loving cars! They are like my babies <3 I like to ride them just as I like to rebuild them! After my mom died, my dad, Doctor Franklin Storm, started drinking like hell… but he died soon after this… well that’s what my sister told me anyway. We both went to live with our aunt. That’s when I started playing with cars (even if it’s only after my 16th birthday, that I got myself a car).

I went to study a bit in California with my sister; it’s there that I meet Reed and Ben! Two of my good buddies now! Reed was working on… a very scientific thing; don’t ask me about it, I have no idea what it was about… My sister, Ben and I decided to help, but before I could really ask myself what I was doing there, his experiment went wrong. Well not a bad wrong, because now I’m totally hot! Not that I wasn’t before, but now, I’m 20% hotter! So yeah because of him, I’ve became: THE HUMAN TORCH! Oh and my sis can turn invisible, Reed can stretch and Ben is an ugly rock (not that he wasn’t ugly before : P) But come on, being on fire is way more awesome, right?

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Oh! That’s easy! I’m good looking! Damn gorgeous! So I’m perfect to represent the avengers! People love me, I’m super popular! If you take me the popularity of the avengers going to double, what I am saying: triple! (And by the way, I love to be in front of a camera, so it would be cool to be part of a big group like the avengers… even if I have to share the screen with others! Yeah I’m that generous!)

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FLAME ON! oups didn't meant to burn that paper, sir!
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